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anniversary of the occupy movement here in d.c., and their plans could mess with your commute. and sweet redemption. an emotional roller coaster of the day for the redskins kicker and fans. good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie go. eun yang is off today. we really hope you enjoyed your weekend. >> that's because it's cold and foggy in some places and rain on the way too. >> and we're told you can send all of your complaints to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. what's your e-mail? >> don't give it out, tom. >> it's out there now. no more secrets. it's out there on facebook and twitter too. in fact, as you head out this morning, yes, you'll need a jacket or a sweater. it's down into the low 40s, parts of the shenandoah valley into the mountains. parts of georgia, mid-40s montgomery county. prince george's county near 50 degrees. much of fairfax county just in the 40s. right near the bay as well as
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tidal potomac, it's in the 50s. look at these visibilities. luray down to a third of the mile, martinsburg and hagerstown. some of the rural areas, these are all airport visibilities. in the rural areas, where there are no sensors, we do have patchy dense fog and mainly over an open field. watch out. any rural roads or open fields, you may be driving along and come into a wall of dense fog. right now a few high clouds drifting over us. we do have rain on the way. a lot of this is going to stay to our south today. eventually, this area of rain, tennessee valley into kentucky, that's going to be moving our way by this evening, interrupting the nats game, maybe even delaying it. between now and then, increasing clouds still in the 40s. by noon 60s. late afternoon near 70. a look at your first 4 traffic this morning with danella. good morning. >> good morning, tom. starting with the rails, if you're traveling on the brunswick east line marc train, seeing two delays, both six
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minutes, on train number 890 as well as 872. over to the roadways, i-95 is starting to slow down in virginia. let's talk about delays. from route 17 you are sluggish. steady delays as you head towards triangle. then again, slow in the dale city area. stop and go as you make your way past route 1. here's a live look at route 1 in virginia. you can see volume in this area. the good news, not seeing any accidents on i-95. you are starting to slow down. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. breaking news now as the suicide bombing in afghanistan has killed at least 16 people. among them, three american nato service members. that attack happened in the eastern city of khosh near kabul. a suicide bomber apparently riding a motorcycle loaded with explosives crashed his bike into a patrol of international and afghan forces as they exited their vehicles. we're told about 50 people were also hurt in that blast. this video just coming into us. the taliban claiming responsibility for that attack. this latest attack comes as the u.s. marks 2,000 troops killed
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in afghanistan since the start of the war in 2001. a soldier was shot and killed during a gun fight with afghan soldiers. president obama appears to be winning over voters in states that could decide this election. he leads mitt romney by two percentage points among likely voters nationwide. according to the latest "washington post"/abc news poll. the president leads his republican rival by 11 points among likely voters in swing states. that includes virginia, ohio, and florida. both candidates will spend the next couple of days preparing for their first debate. it takes place wednesday night in november. the president is getting ready in nevada. romney is already in denver. and vp candidate paul ryan will prepare for his debate in virginia as well. the republican congressman will hold a three-day camp starting on wednesday. it is still unknown where he'll be exactly in the state for his debate prep. as for vice president joe biden, he's using maryland
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representative chris van holland to stand in as ryan. the vp debate is set for october 11th in kentucky. today the supreme court's new session begins. the nine justices will rule on several key cases, including where race should be a factor in college admissions. the court will also decide whether to curtail parts of the voting rights act of 1965. it requires the federal government oversee any election rule changes in states with a history of voting discrimination. also on the docket, whether the defense of marriage act is constitutional. it states the federal government will only recognize traditional marriages. occupy d.c. is back, and it could cause some problems for your commute this morning. the group is planning to hold several demonstrations today to mark the one-year anniversary of that movement here. news 4's megan mcgrath live at farragut square now with more on what we can expect today. megan? >> reporter: good morning. we could see a pretty dicey rush hour this morning as well as some traffic tie-ups later on in
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the afternoon because of the demonstrations that are scheduled. in fact, one is about to get under way about an hour from now. we are expecting possible road closures associated with this. this is the one-year anniversary of the occupy d.c. movement. you may remember when the protesters camped out in mcpherson square in freedom plaza. they were there for months protesting corporate greed, among other things. they were ultimately moved on by u.s. park police who began to enforce no camping rules. on this anniversary, occupy d.c. is coming back. they have a number of protests and demonstrations scheduled for today. at 7:00 this morning, they're going to be gathered here at farragut square. they're going to then walk from the square out into the streets. again, protesting this morning after 7:00 a.m. they will then meet up again at 10:00 a.m. at freedom plaza, where there will be a rally. and then from 11:30 until 2:00 in the afternoon, they're going to shut down "k" street. we are expecting traffic tie-ups
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in the area after the first protests get under way at 11:00 a.m. and again along "k" street between 11:30 and 2:00 in the afternoon. they are focusing primarily on "k" street because that's where many of the lobbyists have offices. however, they say they do have other secondary targets as well. we could see some of these protesters demonstrating in other parts of the city as well. we are expecting traffic tie-ups throughout the day. reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath, news 4. aaron, back to you. >> thank you for the warning, megan. one other alert for drivers in d.c. work on another streetscape project on "u" street will begin again today. crews will start digging trenches along 9th and 14th streets. drainage and sidewalks with curbs will eventually be put in there. curbside parking in that area will be restricted during this construction. the redskins are back home after a thrilling win in tampa. the team needed a last second field goal to defeat the
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buccaneers. robert griffin iii had a big game both in the air and on the ground. the rookie qb threw for 323 yards and ran for another 43, including a touchdown. the redskins led 21-3 at one point. tampa bay clawed their way back and led by a point with less than two minutes left on the clock. but redskins kicker, billy cundiff, who missed three field goals, by the way, earlier in the game, proved to be a hero in the end. he nailed a 31-yard field goal with almost no time left to win it. >> i wanted to make sure that we got that opportunity, like it meant a lot to me to be able to have a quarterback that in the clutch is going to drop back and he's going to move the ball and get us down the field. so that way i could come out and prove to everybody that the last three kicks were just a fluke. when it comes down to it and you really need a kick, you know you can count on me. >> the win evens the redskins record at 2-2. they're back at home next week against the atlanta falcons. a lot of us on the redskins train.
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choo-choo. 6:07 is the time. we'll tell you about the midair scare that really put a damper on the orioles night. plus carmageddon is bad karma for one groom. what he did that ended with him in handcuffs.
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you need to be 21 to order this pizza. it comes from fresh mozzarella, orange blossom honey, and italian cherries soaked in raspberry vodka. boston does not have any laws about alcohol in food, but the
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restaurant does card people who order that particular pizza. >> it's like two in one. it's like the perk plus of food. you get it all in one place. if you're ordering up a drink this morning, you're going to want it hot, right? >> you lost me. with alcohol in it at 6:00 a.m.? i don't know about that. angie, tell us something about yourself. >> i'm talking about hot cocoa or coffee, my friends. >> i'm taking over. we're moving right along. good morning. time for weather and traffic on the ones. the hot beverage, maybe some hot chocolate or some tea. you'll need it. it's a chilly morning. hometown forecast, clarksburg in nearby montgomery college by 8:00 a.m. just near 50. right now in the 40s. patchy fog. watch out in the rural areas. mid-60s in clarksburg and elsewhere. near 70 midafternoon. by late afternoon back down to the 60s with a cloud cover rolling in and producing some rain. here's your evening planner. first raindrops around 8:00 and
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in likely. a look at the week into the weekend in ten minutes. now a look at traffic with danella. checking on two accidents, traveling 395 northbound approaching seminary road. accident has been moved to the right shoulder lane in this area involving a dump truck. i can see that on camera. let's talk about some delays, slow as you make your way along the beltway past edsall. you are hitting the brakes. and on i-270, this time northbound at 109, the camera zoomed in just a moment ago, and i could tell the right lane was blocked by the accident there. police are on the scene. back over to you both. time right now is 6:13. ahead how a state trooper played a role in one of the greatest comebacks in golf history. a guy from nasa and a guy from apple say they've made the perfect coffee maker. wait until you hear what they're charging for it.
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. a group of by standers rescuing a 84-year-old woman who drove her car off the port jumped into a harbor in maine. they got help from a group of firefighters who happened to be nearby. the woman is said to be badly hurt but in stable condition this morning. a group of 14 mcdonald's employees from baltimore are suing a co-worker for lottery fraud. that's according to the
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"baltimore sun." 14 workers are suing here claiming she defrauded the maryland lottery to avoid sharing a $656 million payout with them. in april, wilson claimed to have purchased the winning ticket and then lost it. she now says she never had the ticket. lottery officials say the real winners were three public school educators. guns once owned by some of america's famous gangsters are up for auction. some of the most sought after items are guns in holsters used by the famous crime couple bonnie and clyde. those guns were recovered from their car after they were shot and killed in louisiana in 1934. a document signed by al capone and a document signed by elliott ness are also on the auction block. some of the items are expected to fetch up to $100,000. one of america's busiest highways is back open for business this morning. carmageddon 2 shut down part of the 405 freeway this past
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weekend as crews worked on a ten-mile stretch of the road. drivers were warned of massive traffic back-ups because of the construction. there were reports of a few people who tried to jump onto the empty highway, including a groom and his best man as well as a few roller bladers. 18 after the hour now. arnold schwarzenegger is revealing some of his deepest secrets in a new book. total recall comes out today. the actor and former california governor reveals details about the son he fathered with his family's housekeeper. he says he never even had a conversation with the housekeeper but started giving her extra money when the boy started to resemble him. schwarzenegger also admits to having an affair with actress brigitte nielsen while filming the 1985 film "red sonia." he and his now estranged wife maria shriver were living together at the time. a congressional staffer accused of assaulting lindsay lohan inside a new york hotel room over the weekend is out of jail. the charges were dropped against
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25-year-old christian labelle la. the actress told police she and la bella were fighting over cell phones pictures he took. she said the man punched, choked, and threw her to the fwrou ground. la bella used to work on capitol hill for an illinois congressman. the way you look at, you could see this year's ryder cup as either a miracle or a meltdown. for most americans, it's probably the latter as europe staged a comeback on the final day. this came down to a matchup between u.s. veteran steve stricker and europe's martin kaymer. stricker made his par putt, forcing kaymer to make his as well, and that sealed the win. america was looking for just its third cup win since 1999 but blew the lead on the final day. one almost missed the final round. rory mcilroy had to get a police
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escort to the course to make the tee time. he arrived less than ten minutes before he was supposed to begin his round. amazing because he missed -- rather mixed up his time zones. this became kind of a joke too after the european win. take a look there. mcilroy donned a huge clock around his neck during the celebration there. flava flav, definitely. the nationals kick off a three-game series at home against the phillies tonight. >> they'll take another crack at clinching the n.l. east division. nats couldn't do it yesterday as they fell to the cardinals 10-4. pitcher ross dettweiler struggled, gave up seven runs. the nationals magic number stays at one now. all they need is to win one of their final three games. and they can also clinch the division if atlanta loses one game. the braves start a three-game series against pittsburgh tonight. the orioles have punched their ticket to the playoffs, but it came with unexpected
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excitement. a small fire on the team's charter flight in florida. it forced them to make an emergency landing in jacksonville last night. the team was delayed by about an hour. the o's earned their first trip to the postseason in 15 years after a win over the red sox in the team's home finale. the orioles could still win their division. right now they're tied with the yankees with just three games left to play. the first faint light of dawn beginning to show up. we have patchy dense fog in the rural areas, and it is chilly. you'll need a jacket this morning. we're down in the low to mid-40s much of virginia and maryland. except much of the bay waters near the tidal potomac, where it's in the 50s. shenandoah valley into the mountains this morning, we had light rain that is now gone. increasing clouds and rain moving into virginia. looks like it will make it into
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the metro area perhaps around sunset. increasing clouds with a high near 70. here's your storm team 4 four-day forecast. occasional showers off and on on tuesday, all the way into perhaps wednesday morning and then rm warming up after that. over the weekend cooler. might get showers on sunday. danella is here with traffic. good morning. >>ood morning, tom. checking on a couple of accidents in the area. first, i-270 northbound at 109. crash there is blocking the right lane and right shoulder lane. southbound slow past 109. delays start from frederick, and you're slow all the way to clarksburg, and then from germantown to rockville, you are starting to see some congestion. no southbound accidents on i-270. 395, northbound still a right crash in the right shoulder lane, and you are sluggish from the beltway past seminary road at this time. over the rails, no reported delays. angie and eun, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. >> sorry, aaron. >> it's okay.
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we know what you meant. eun and i do look alike. still to come, the breakfast blues after the break. why the cost of two staples could be going up.
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imagine having to pay $6 for a gallon of milk. new york senator chuck schumer says milk prices could sky rocket if congres does not pass a new farm bill soon. the bill is enacted every five to seven years and provides farm policy for the country. if the bill does not pass soon, the nation will start to revert to 1940s era agriculture policy. don't fret, bacon lovers. plenty of meat on the supermarket shelves in the coming months. just be ready to pay for it. economists say pork prices are expected to jump as much as 10% next year. this comes as u.s. agriculture experts are dismissing reports of a global bacon shortage. remember we talked about that last week. no worries. there will be enough bacon to go around. >> sounds good. the time is 6:26. ahead, the new fantasy football law you need to know about. also, why local firefighters
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are changing their uniform and asking to you do the same. e.
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the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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i was a monster. i mean, if you look up the definition, i mean, that's what a monster is. >> ten years later, surprise reflections from one of the beltway snipers. the message he has for the victims, for the families of his victims. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff, in for eun yang this morning. it is a foggy start to the work week. some of you might actually hit some on your way to school or work this morning. >> meteorologist tom kierein is out on the weather deck with a look the this morning. the fog is not everywhere.
6:31 am
we have fog mainly patchy and mostly in rural areas. there is more widespread, denser fog farther west from this view here in northern montgomery county out in the shenandoah valley and many of the mountain regions, especially in the deeper valleys, there's really dense fog. watch out for that this morning. out here on the storm team 4 weather deck, i can see a gorgeous full moon in the western sky. the eastern sky, we've got jupiter and venus and a gorgeous morning under way. although there is certainly a chill in the air. here are the latest visibilities. it's down to a half mile in frederick county. look at luray, zero visibility with patchy fog. luckily in local area of washington, visibility not bad at all. we've got visibility around ten miles here in the metro area. all these areas in blue are in the 40s. it is chilly. you'll need a sweater or jacket. areas in the green in the low 50s. that's right along the tidal
6:32 am
potomac and the bay waters. most of the viewing area, we're in the 40s. low to mid-40s. out in the mountains of western pennsylvania and many locations in the 30s. we do have increasing clouds ahead of some rain. on the radar at the bottom of your screen there in color, that is some rain. southern virginia into the tennessee valley. that will come up our way but not until perhaps around sunset. between now and then, increasing clouds. by 8:00 low 50s. by noon, mid-60s. midafternoon near 70. sunrise 7:04. sunset at 6:50. that's when we'll probably begin to see the rain moving in. a look at that and the hometown forecast in ten minutes. your first 4 traffic with danella. >> thanks, tom. traveling in our area, checking for accidents and delays. first let's start with the rails. you are slow brunswick east 874, looking like a 12-minute delay on that marc train. metro, vre aren't reporting delays at this time.
6:33 am
over to the roadway, i-270 northbound right at 109, still seeing police on the scene of the accident there. it was blocking th right lane and the right shoulder lane, looks like it's moved to the right shoulder lane. southbound i-270 seeing the delays out of frederick slow past 109. delays continue all the way as you head to the beltway. aaron, back over to you. new this morning, police are investigating a double shooting in northwest d.c. this happened shortly after 10:00 last night near new york avenue and north capitol street. when police got there, they found a woman shot in the arm and a man shot in the leg. both were alert and breathing. they were taken to a nearby hospital and are expected to be okay. no word on whether the shooter has been identified. later this morning, the man suspected of shooting a family research council security guard will be in court. floyd lee corkins is accused of walking into the d.c. headquarters of the conservative group last month and opening fire. investigators say corkins told the security guard he didn't like the group's policies, which includes opposing homosexuality.
6:34 am
the guard survived the attack and was able to help restrain corkins until help arrived. counselors will be on hand in a fredericksburg middle school this morning after an eighth grader was killed in a plane crash over the weekend. 13-year-old kyle morton and his father, 48-year-old john morton died on saturday when his cessna crashed into a trailer park shortly after takeoff from shannon airport. the national transportation safety board is at the crash site trying to figure out what happened. people on the ground say they heard the engine stall in midair. >> you heard the engine. then you didn't hear. it disappeared. then you hear the branches. then you hear just a loud crash. the trailer shook. >> neighbors say john morton had a passion for flying, was a former marine, and worked for an airline that folded. one of the drivers in a fiery crash in northwest d.c. is charged with dui. these two cars caught fire after the crash on georgia avenue in
6:35 am
petworth yesterday morning. two people were left with third degree burns. at last check, they're still in critical condition. two police officers were also burned pulling victims to safety. police say more charges could be filed. 6:35 right now. montgomery county police say they now know who tried to kidnap a teenager if a silver spring mcdonald's last week. they say the man caught on surveillance camera is 31-year-old rodney morell. d.c. police helped identify him after he checked into a district hospital. morell grabbed a boy at the mcdonald's on colesville road and tried to drag him out of the restaurant. he claimed he was a police officer. a security guard tried to stop him, and morell ran off. he will be arrested as soon as he's released from the hospital. today the publishing of a list of missing children will go into effect. phylicia's law is named after a
6:36 am
north carolina teen kidnapped in baltimore and later found dead in the susquehanna river. it also requires volunteers to keep lists of groups that look for missing children. also, child safety laws. an exemption allowing a child under the age of 8 to not have a safety seat if they weigh more than 65 pounds has been repealed. now children under the age of 8 must sit in a safety seat no matter what their weight unless they're 4'9" or taller. other laws include mandatory helmet and eye protection for scooter riders. employers won't be able to ask for employees user names or passwords for social media sites. and people will be allowed to bet on fantasy sports as it becomes exempt from state gambling prohibitions. the state of virginia needs your help preparing first responders for a disaster. it's looking for victims for a simulated train crash later this month. that drill is happening october
6:37 am
27th in alexandria. that's a saturday. you'll have to be there at 7:30 in the morning. you'll be able to go home by 1:30 that afternoon. if you're interested, you can send an e-mail to you can make the subject line volunteer victim. 6:37 is our time right now. the "today" show is coming up next at 7:00. want to check in with savannah guthrie to see what they're working on this morning. >> hi, aaron. good morning to you. coming up on a monday morning on "today," at least 14 people, including three coalition forces, killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan this morning. this comes after u.s. military deaths in the war reached 2,000 over the weekend. we'll get a live report. ann curry will have the latest on the growing violence in another hot spot, syria. also ahead, a medical miracle. a woman who had part of her skull removed and then stored in her stomach to recover from a tragic fall. she'll be here to share her remarkable story. and then a look at arnold schwarzenegger's first interview about the affair that ended his
6:38 am
marriage. the son it produced and how he told his other kids about it. plus the start of a special series highlighting simple, savvy, and sometimes silly tips to help you tackle life's everyday problems when we get started on a monday morning right here on "today." aaron, back to you. >> you're going to have some fun with that. thank you, savannah. >> have a good day. we'll see you in a bit. time right now is 6:38. ahead, how two skins players are doing after a really scary moment that happened before the game. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments,
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and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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>> a deer crashed a downhill skate board race as he ran downhill at 40 miles per hour. the animal is okay, according to the guy who shot the video. he didn't say if the skateboarder is doing well after the run-in with the deer. you never know. cars, skateboards. you never know. >> for a fact on the wod trail, i've seen them running down the trail. >> the skateboard? >> no, the deer. >> wild stuff. let's get a look at our forecast. live look with tom kierein. a coppertone glow behind you. first light of day showing up on this 1st day of obllinctober. there's an october chill in the air. in burke, partly cloudy. by noontime, mid-60s. now we're in the 40s. patchy fog in the rural areas. hour by hour, increasing clouds by midafternoon near 70.
6:43 am
by then, all cloudy. then this evening, rain moving our way. first rain drops may arrive 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. and then rain likely after that. will it last into the rest of the week? we'll look at that. your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. look at the traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning, tom. people are heading to work hitting the roads. i-66, a live look at fairfax county parkway as you make your way eastbound. heavy delays in this area. first delays by the bypass, sluggish all the way to fairfax county parkway. to get to the beltway, speed stop and go. not seeing any accidents on i-66 heading eastbound or westbound. to the outer loop, westbound new hampshire, from i-95 heavy on the brakes. and slow as you make your way to 270. back over to you. tony tull at the live desk with breaking news. >> good morning. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a bombing that left 16 dead, including three american nato service members and their interpreter. the attack happened earlier this
6:44 am
morning in eastern afghanistan in the city of khosh near kabul. early reports say a suicide bomber riding a motorcycle packed with explosives crashed into the convoy of nato forces as they exited their vehicles. a patrol in nearby market. over 50 people have been seriously injured in this blast. no word yet on where the soldiers were from pending family notification. that's the latest here from the live desk. aaron, back to you. >> this latest attack includes 2,000 service members killed in afghanistan since the start of the war. >> this week marks ten years since the sniper attacks that paralyzed our area. now lee boyd malvo is opening up about his actions. he spoke to "the washington post" about his part in the
6:45 am
attacks that killed 10 and injured 3 others. in the interview, malvo was remorseful and took responsibility for his actions. >> i am sorry. i am sorry, and it sounds -- there is no way to express -- there is no way to express that. what am i going to tell them? i'm sorry i murdered your own child. i'm sorry i killed your husband. i'm sorry i murdered your wife. >> malvo also said he doesn't want the victims to let it worry the rest of their lives. malvo's accomplice john allen muhammad was killed in 2009. the genon plant along north royal street opened in 1989. it scaled back operations to comply with the clean air act in recent years. genon will get back $32 million the city held in escrow to use
6:46 am
for environmental controls under an agreement signed in 2008. alexandria mayor bill euille says the city hopes to redevelop the site into commercial and retail space. also today, a man who got into a standoff with police at a virginia marina will appear in court. 44-year-old john watson was arrested saturday after a several hour standoff at the bell haven marina in alexandria. police were called to the scene late friday for the report of shots be being fired. when they arrived, johnson dumped into a dinghy and made his way to a sailboat anchored in the potomac. police have not said what led to the shooting. 14 after the hour. president obama appears to be winning where it matters most a little more than five weeks before election day now. he leads mitt romney by two percentage points among likely voters nationwide. that's according to the latest "washington post"/abc news poll. the president leads his republican rival by 11 points among likely voters in swing
6:47 am
states, that includes virginia, ohio, and florida. the president taking a break from campaigning to prepare for the first presidential debate. that will happen on wednesday in denver. mitt romney headed to denver today. the republican presidential nominee will hold a rally there this evening as he prepares for wednesday's debate. vp candidate paul ryan will prepare for his debate in virginia. the republican vp candidate will hold a debate. vice president joe biden is using chris van holland to stand in for ryan. the debate is scheduled on october the 8th in kentucky. the supreme court justices will rule on several key cases, including whether race should be a factor in college admissions. today's court will also decide whether to curtail parts of the voter rights act of 1985. it requires the federal government to oversee any election rule changes in states with a history of voter discrimination. also on the docket, whether the
6:48 am
defense of marriage act is constitutional. it states the federal government will only recognize traditional marriages. >> right now president obama is focused on winning re-election, but he's already focused on winning a key election should he win. cnbc's seema mody is live with some of the names mentioned. >> good morning. if president obama wins, one of his first assignments is to find a replacement for treasury secretary timothy geithner. geithner has said he wants to leave but would stay on until a successor is confirmed. "the wall street journal" reporting that white house chief of staff lew and formerlinton chief of staff erskine bowles are key candidates. they could play a major role in deficit talks with congress. bowles chaired the white house deficit commission in 2010. in other news, general motors is recalling more than 40,000 vehicles sold in warm weather states because of potential fuel leaks. it affects chevy cobalt and
6:49 am
pontiac g5 sedans and chevy equinox, pontiac torrent, and saturn ion from 2007. it could crack the fuel pump, causing it to leak and cause a fire. gm has no reports of fires or injuries. back over to you. >> seema, thanks. robert griffin iii ran for 323 yards and ran for another 43. tampa bay clawed their way back and led by a point with less than two minutes left, but redskins kicker billy cundiff, who missed three field goals later in the game proves to be the hero in this one. he nailed a 41-yard field goal
6:50 am
with no time left to win it for washington. >> it was a great play for him. he redeemed himself with that kick to help us win the game. we all have things we have to get better at. for him, it was a good confidence kick for him, seeing that he didn't make the rest of them in the game. >> that's how you keep your job maybe. the win evens the redskins record at 2-2. they're back at home next week against the atlanta falcons. check this out. a pretty scary moment before yesterday's game. aldrick robinson standing near the end zone when he gets blind sided by brandon meriweather. robinson was actually unconscious for about a minute there. both eventually walked off the field thankfully. neither played in yesterday's game against the bucs.
6:51 am
former apple and nasa employees are using their skills to create the perfect brew. the blossom coffee maker brews based on the age and type of the bean. it's made from mahogany, stainless steel, and glass. it also connects to wi-fi. right now there are only about ten machines in the world. the device doesn't come cheap, as you can imagine. it's going to cost you about $11,111. >> i just choked on my coffee. >> you need something to swallow that? for $11,000, you could take a trip to south america, pick your own beans. >> get some real coffee. >> take some nice pictures along the way and make it an experience. >> kind of like this nice picture behind us. >> how do you like that? eastern sky on fire. a live view from our hd city camera this morning. gorgeous start to this day. gorgeous start to october. it's certainly looking like october. i took this picture saturday afternoon visiting a garden center in montgomery county and looking very octobery, as we had
6:52 am
the wonderful fall weather moving on. after the torrid summer, i love the cool to chilly mornings. right now there's the sunrise over the potomac. sunrise at 7:04. put down that latte and look at the television. gorgeous. dewpoint at 48. it's rather humid. we've got a calm wind but a chill in the air. down right cold parts of the shenandoah valley into the mountains, low 40s. prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties only in the 40s. overnight rain long gone. high clouds drifting in giving us glorious sunrise. rain southern virginia into the carolinas, tennessee valley. that's going to eventually move our way but not until later today. by 7:00, 8:00 this morning, still a little patchy fog around the upper 40s, low to mid-50s. fog in the rural areas will dissipate by late morning. noontime clouds and sun, low to mid-60s. ought to be near 70 by midafternoon.
6:53 am
rain moving in after sunset tonight off and on. off and on during the day, tuesday, tuesday night into wednesday morning. warming up. wednesday afternoon may get up to around 80 or so as well as into thursday or friday. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. just in from twitter, lailo tweets a car is burning on the beltway just around greenbelt road. i can tell you, as i'm watching this, i am seeing on the inner loop a bit of a delay as you make your way past greenbelt road. let's talk about delays. traveling 295, slow from the beltway as you make your way towards 50. you are sluggish. 50 jammed in maryland. as you make your way from the beltway, not too bad passing east/west highway, but you are slow once you get to kenilworth avenue. today marks the one-year anniversary since occupy d.c. started, and the protesters are back. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at farragut square station with more on what we can expect today.
6:54 am
hi, megan. >> reporter: good morning, angie. occupy d.c. protesters are scheduling a number of events for the anniversary today. just how well attended these events are going to be, that remains to be seen. one is supposed to get under way at 7:00 here at farragut square. just a few minutes from now. we really are not seeing any large gathering here, not as of yet. they are scheduled to meet here at farragut square at 7:00 this morning. they say on their website, they are then going to march along "k" street. there's a potential for traffic disruptions. then they're going to gather at freedom plaza at 10:00 this morning. then according to the website from 11:30 until 2:00, the plan is to shut down "k" street where many lobbyists have their offices. how well attended these events are going to be, all of that remains to be seen. there is the potential for traffic tie-ups, both during the morning rush hour and later on this afternoon. we'll have to keep an eye on it. reporting live from northwest, megan mcgrath, news 4. angie, back over to you.
6:55 am
>> firefighters in prince george's county are doing their part to raise awareness about breast cancer. for the rest of this month, firefighters will forget the normal uniform shirts and put on these special pink ones. you see this from last year. they want you to do the same. you can help them reach their goal by buying a short online. they hope to reach $13,000. you'll find a link on our "news 4 today" facebook page. and starting today on "ellen," breast cancer awareness month kicks off with an audience full of survivors. one of those women is from northern virginia. >> my name is jamie jenson. >> hi, jamie. >> hi. how are you? >> where do you live? >> i live in bristol, virginia, outside of d.c. >> jamie jenson and shelly norman are sisters. shelly wrote to ellen degeneres about jamie's battle with breast cancer. she says they've always loved watching the show and they both needed a good laugh. >> for this entire year has just been so horrible for her that i wanteded to distract her.
6:56 am
i wanted to make something exciting for her. i wanted to give her an experience that was so unlike what she was going through, and i thought who better than ellen. >> of course, ellen didn't let the ladies walk away empty handed. you can watch the full episode today right here on nbc 4. ellen begins at 3:00 this afternoon followed by news 4 at 4:00. >> nothing like a good sister. that is "news 4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next.
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